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Ivy and Vine Tattoos - Ivy and vine tattoos can be used by themselves or intertwined with other types of tattoos.  They are usually very easily draped or twisted around the tattooed area and can be easily tattooed to appear to wrap around other tattoo designs.  Ivy and vines are very symbolic to many different cultures.  In Rome, ivy stood for intellectual achievement.  In the Celtic culture Ivy was a symbol of determination, death, and spiritual growth.  In many cultures ivy and vines are symbolic of everlasting life because of their evergreen properties and their ability to survive while other plants cannot.


butterfly rose vine tattoo

Butterflies and rose vine tattoo.

vine tattoo

Hip Ivy and vines tattoo.

flowers and vines tattoo

Flowers and Vines tattoo on back.

flower and vine tattoo

Flower, ivy, and vine tattoo.

text and vine tattoo

Tattoo of text intertwined with vines and leaves.

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