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Human Skin Branding is quickly becoming a popular form of body modification.  The definition of Human Branding is the process of burning a mark, symbol, or pattern into the skin of a person resulting in a permanent scar.  There are several ways that branding can be performed.  One way is Strike Branding which is when a piece of metal is shaped, heated and pressed into the skin.  Branding can also be done using the Cautery Branding method where a cautery-iron is used to make the mark.  Laser Branding is becoming popular as well and uses an electro cautery branding tool.  Using an electric branding tool can result in a more detailed and less painful branding method than strike branding.  On the following pages you will find examples of different branding designs made using the methods described.  We do not suggest that anybody try this without the supervision of a professional. 

strike branding

Here a piece of metal is being prepared for use in the Strike Branding method.

strike branding skin

Man in the process of receiving a skin brand.

branding scarification tattoo

Branding star design applied to arm.

skin branding

Above a man is branded on his leg using an old fashioned branding iron.

skin branding tattoo

Shown above is a partially healed skin brand.

fresh skin branding

A fresh skin brand on the back of the leg.

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